Meet Lisa

Lisa Bartlett, currently serving as Mayor for Dana Point, was born and raised in Southern California and has been a resident of Dana Point for the past 20+ years. She is a proud long time resident of Dana Point and has watched the city evolve into one of the most desirable destination resort communities along the coast, a place we call Paradise.

Beginning in the early eighties, Lisa earned a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, a Master’s degree in Business Administration, became a Certified PMP (Project Management Professional) and a licensed Real Estate Broker. Her professional career spans several decades and includes holding executive management positions in a worldwide computer software company, a project management consulting firm and several law firms. She is currently a partner in a real estate and investment firm.

Lisa has always been actively involved in philanthropic work and several non-profit organizations such as Children’s Hospital Queen of Hearts Guild Symphony. She is also a member of the Dana Point Historical Society and Dana Point Lighthouse Society and Honorary Co-Chair for the Dana Point Relay for Life.

Her City Council duties include serving on the Board of Directors for the Transportation Corridor Agency and the Ocean Institute, serving as President for the Association of California Cities- Orange County, Past President for the California League of Cities, Orange County Division, Member of the Southern California Edison Government Advisory Panel and Executive Administration Member and Regional Council Member for the Southern California Association of Governments.

Her participation on regional boards and committees allows for collaborative regional-based representation as well as greater visibility for Dana Point. Lisa believes in and strives for fiscal responsibility, accountability and greater transparency in government.

In her spare time, which is rare these days, Lisa enjoys playing golf, designing jewelry, cooking, entertaining and spending quality time with family and friends. One of her greatest joys is public service and giving back to the community.

Why I’m Running

I’m running for Supervisor to give South Orange County residents strong, effective leadership on significant issues influencing our community. South County is uniquely different and we need leaders who will protect our quality of life. My background in both the public and private sectors has provided me with the tools necessary to be a strong advocate for local issues including transportation, mobility, public safety and economic viability.

My education and professional background in finance, real estate and business administration have heavily influenced my decision-making as a local leader. As Mayor with fiscally conservative principles, I have led Dana Point to be amongst a handful of California cities to pay off its unfunded pension liability, have prudent cash reserves, maintain a balanced budget and remain debt free. In addition, while on the City Council, I created the Contract Cities Working Group, which opened communication between the Orange County Sheriff’s Department with all mayors that represent contract cities. The majority of contract cities are in the 5th District and represent approximately 35% of the sheriff’s department revenue. As Chairwoman of the Foothill Eastern Transportation Corridor Agency, I’m leading the effort towards much needed progress for the completion of the Tesoro Extension on the 241 Toll Road. That will drastically decrease traffic congestion and increase mobility for our residents.

South Orange County requires solid leadership and a unique vision that will maintain, improve and highlight the qualities that make our community vibrant and one-of-a-kind. It would be an honor to implement successful strategies at the county-level that will enhance public safety, economic viability and local transportation. While there are many issues and challenges we must confront, I know with your support, together we can unite as a community, enhance safety and the business climate in South Orange County and maintain the quality of life we deserve.

My Plan for Orange County

Public Safety
I believe Public Safety is government’s number one responsibility. When the economy is down, crime goes up. I believe a stronger economy goes hand in hand with keeping our streets safe. As Mayor of Dana Point, I created the Contract Cities Working Group, which opened communication between the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and all mayors in the contract cities in Orange County. This working group allows for public safety and government officials to discuss reallocation of resources, city-based crime reports/trends, specific areas of potential improvement and overall efficiency to keep cost within budget for each city. By keeping public safety a top priority, we will maintain our focus on drug prevention, decreasing criminal activity and managing the side-effects of the implementation of Jerry Brown’s Early Release Program known as AB 109.

○ Improving transportation and mobility in South Orange County is vitally important to preserve our quality of life. With more than 10,000 homes in the Great Park and 14,000 homes in Rancho Mission Viejo approved for construction, traffic congestion in the area is a pressing issue that requires proactive solutions and effective leadership. As the Chairwoman of the Foothill Eastern Transportation Corridor Agency (TCA) I have been incredibly proud of the progress our board has made regarding the extension of the 241 Toll Road.

○ With the failed implementation of Obamacare, healthcare has become a major concern for most Americans. I will heavily scrutinize the mandated implementation of this law and advocate for reforms at the state and federal level that promote choice and strengthen the patient-doctor relationship. As a county we need to assist those who have either been dropped from their previous insurance plans, forced to pay a higher premium or have lost their primary care physician of choice. We must entirely rethink how the county best serves the needs of the community while providing cost effective medical treatment options to save taxpayer dollars. Educating the public at large is important to achieve these goals and objectives.

Strengthen Local Economic Viability
○ We must develop initiatives that will improve development and infrastructure throughout our county and serve as a strong foundation for our industrious business community. For example, the Dana Point Harbor Revitalization Plan is an important element to improving South Orange County’s economic viability because it advances our harbor’s accessibility and use for residents and tourists alike. The Tri-City Trolley Plan will provide transportation to key locations in South Orange County, and solving our regional mobility and transportation issues on our roads and highways will ultimately stimulate our local economy. I also believe we should explore alternative methods of bringing money into the county that are not dependent upon state or federal assistance.